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Run your own live streaming
creator program

Use the full power of the streamstackpartner platform to add a new dimension to your existing creator programs with live streaming.

New Frontiers

Discover live streaming

streamstackpartner is your key to unlock the world of live streaming. Reach millions of live viewers through thousands of live content creators.

First Class Citizen

Front and center - video creatives and links in chat

streamstackpartner places your campaigns right at the center of attention - video creatives are played live on stream, links are pushed directly into chat.


Manage ad units live and remotely

streamstackpartner allows you pick from 10+ live video ad units that you can change and update whenever you want - remotely.


Beautiful ad units built to leverage a live environment

streamstackpartner video units come with built-in Countdowns and Live Alerts.

Additional Incentives

Drop coupons to trigger fast conversions

streamstackpartner comes with 8+ different Coupons built-in. Codes are dropped directly into chat and come in sync with beautiful video trigger live on stream.


Intuitive workflow

Have your team manage your entire live program from their phones.

Build inventory

Invite creators

Send out invites to live content creators to submit for your program. Benefit from pre-checks and easy-to-use creator management interfaces.


Schedule campaigns

Use our dead simply campaign manager to get up and running in minutes. Send Previews to your stakeholders and have Briefings sent out automatically to your creators.


Pick ad units

Choose from 10+ live video ad units, set up interactive modules such as Countdown or Live Alerts and upload creatives.


Run campaign and monitor results in real-time

Monitor your campaign results in real-time and drill down into creator performance through our Flight Deck interface.

End Results

Report to stakeholders

Compose snapshots of your campaign results at any time and put together beautiful show cases to send to your stakeholders.


Manage creator payouts

streamstackpartner allows you to payout creators and provide invoices and accounting receipts.


Start your own live content creator program today

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